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Single-Origin Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Our Matcha gently revitalizes you with every cup and brings you into a mindful state that sustains mental clarity for hours.

Hailing from Nishio, Japan, the cradle of the finest Matcha for more than 800 years, our single-origin ceremonial Matcha has a fresh aroma and flavor with crisp, bold accents that will have your taste buds asking for more.

Mindful Tip

To experience a mini tea ceremony, close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, and check in with yourself. Release your grip on how you should feel by feeling into the moment itself and open up to the experience each sip brings.


Matcha is a special type of green tea powder and is one of the most nutrient-dense teas in the world as the leaves are stoneground whole. Due to its unique nutrient profile, many health benefits are thought to come from the consumption of Matcha, such as enhancing cognitive function, reducing stress, and antioxidant activity [1-4].

Japanese Agricultural Standards certified-organic ceremonial Matcha green tea. Contains caffeine. 

1. Place 1/2 to 1 tsp Matcha (1 to 2 bamboo spoon scoops) in a cup or mug, pour 2 oz of steaming hot water (180 ºF).

2. Rapidly beat with whisk, blender, or shake in a bottle until the surface gets foamy.

3. Add milk or non-dairy milk instead of water to enjoy a velvety rich matcha latte.

See our Use Guide for more information.

Storage: Refrigeration recommended.


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