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About Us


To help everyone achieve more with ease and grace.

At Organic Guidance, we want to help you live in harmony so you feel and perform your best. To do this, we combined the game-changing botanical prowess of hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD with other powerful botanicals to help you manage stress, stay focused, and live with more vitality.

We believe the future of health and wellness will be more proactive and personalized, not less, so we’re providing flexible daily wellness options that will help restore your mind and body to harmony.

We are deeply dedicated to uncompromising quality ingredients that are not only third-party lab tested but also produced to Food Grade Ingredient standards and processed in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facilities that ensure product purity and quality. You can feel peace of mind with every cup of tea.


After years of struggling with an autoimmune disorder and taking pharmaceuticals that only caused more harm than help, I saw so many opportunities for improving the healthcare industry.

In 2013, I graduated with a degree in BioMolecular/
Chemical Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering. In the past 10 years, I've work at Fortune 500 Biotech companies with the hope of making a positive impact on people's health. But I soon realized that the "healthcare" industry was more about disease management than proactively caring for human health.

During this time I discovered the health benefits of cannabis and completely transitioned myself off all the pharmaceuticals I was taking, while drastically improving my quality of life. This inspired me to pivot professionally to a position where I could help deliver quality cannabis and hemp products to those in need.

I began consulting for cannabis and hemp producers, a position that required constant travel. I incorporated CBD into my health and wellness routine, which helped manage my stress and sleep, so I could consistently perform at my best. As a consultant for cannabis and hemp producers, I did discover lack of regulation that allowed companies to cut corners in product manufacturing. This potential for unsafe products didn't sit well with me. Sure, I was able to guide them towards better practices- but I knew I could do it better from the start.

So I founded ORGANIC GUIDANCE to create CBD products without compromising quality and safety. Drawing from my experience in the industry and my passion as a consumer, my intention is to offer real well-being through our CBD products.

-Karen Peña